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Last week WeDo Technologies exhibited at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain - in the largest telecom event of the year. The key ‘themes’ were: advanced analytics, 5G and all things internet, also known as IoT (internet of things).

We had a lot of great news to share, including the launch of our RAID.Cloud software-as-a-service solution, which lets you manage fraud and risk over the cloud; the perfect way to minimize capital expenditure (CAPEX) without reducing scalability and in the fastest implementation time yet.

We also created a prototype demo that leveraged our new partnership with Ericsson for risk management and demonstrated the advantages of combining WeDo Technologies’ RAID software platform with Ericsson’s expertise on consulting services for Risk and Business Assurance programs. Furthermore, we’ve had the opportunity to demonstrate the power of RAID in the Ericsson booth, supporting our new alliance which extends our reach to better address the rise in global demand for mitigating and managing risk and fraud worldwide during the launch of digital services on top of 5G technology.

We showcased our latest WeDo Open Lab products, designed to minimize the rising security and fraud risks related to the changing demands of new technologies. Our new Digital Risk Profile module launched at the show, puts us at the cutting-edge of risk management innovation, utilizing powerful machine learning and predictive analytics techniques, paired with social media and over 250 different data sources, to create highly accurate profiles which support in evaluating risky profiles – even for the unbanked and in a variety of risk applications, such as liability insurance, credit limits and more.

We also launched WeDo TEG, our telecom Test Event Generator module. Fully cloud-based, you can now combine geo-location for maximum quality of service and experience for all of your end users, by use of three elements: your workforce, WeDoTEG web portal and WeDoTEG android-based app. Your costs, as well as traditional data accuracy and speed will be drastically transformed, saving you time and resources in a fast implementing program.

Thank you to all that without whom, our highly successful presence wouldn’t of been possible. And a grateful thank you to all of you that had a chance and took the time to stop by. We hope you were able to see our latest offers and meet with our global team. For those that we missed – please contact us to learn more about our latest and innovative ways of improving your business for the digital future. Both 5G and the IoT will create many new avenues for risk and fraud – and we are prepared. Are you?

Rui Paiva

Chief Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management Business Unit & CMSO

Topics: Risk Management