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Bad data is just like fake news | WeBlog

It’s fascinating how our industry continuously comes up with new terms for something that is pre-existing. Sometimes it is justified because the new n...

CSP Risk and Assurance Managers difference | WeBlog

I’m not sure there is any other telecoms industry sector quite as collaborative as that involved in financial risk management. I am speaking here of t...

What lies in RA's and FMS's Future? | WeDo Blog


WeDo Technologies at Mobile World Congress 2015 | WeDo Blog

Let me give you five good reasons why you should attend this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona starting March 2nd and meet WeDo Technologies.

Revenue risk – who cares about it? | WeDo Blog

Despite the telecoms industry’s supposed maturity and expertise at being able to charge and bill correctly for any type of service it still manages to...

My bags are already packed!

When you get to my age there are few things left that get you really excited, mainly because you have done so many things already. When it comes to wo...