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 [ 09-11.05.2018 ]  EVENT 
Hear from CSPs on how you can reach operational excellency in Risk Management. Strengthen relations with our global community and share new ideas for Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management, Digital Transformation, IoT, Big Data and Analytics, and Next Generation Fraud Prevention techniques and more.


Worldwide WeDo User Group: 
Why You Don't Want To Miss It


Last year's numbers show a continued successful growth of WeDo's User Groups:

Why Should You Attend This Year's Worldwide WeDo User Group? It's a great chance to get a glimpse on how technology is changing our industry. And what better way to do this, than by spending a day or two with  communication service providers (CSP)  from all over the world, that will also take to the stage, as well as some key leading industry influencers. First hand knowledge on some of the latest trends, thoughts, challenges, ideas and solutions in Risk Management, particularly for Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management.

In a nutshell: challenging thoughts, friendly people, strong bonds and a beautiful and embrassing country? Yes! All this, and much more.


WeDo Technologies User Group started in 2006, as a series of talks about Revenue Assurance in the telecoms space. That same year, The Huffington Post was launched, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was the first woman to lead an Africa country as newly elected President of Liberia, and the smartphone was practically unheard of.

Since it's creation, the WeDo User Group has created unprecedented forums that strengthen and promote a community of users and technically skilled expert professionals, focused on revenue assurance, fraud management, roaming, credit, collections, incentives and other telecom related risk management subjects. 

The company presentations, discussions and events provide a great environment to gain exposure to new technologyValue wins. Simplicity wins. Razzle-dazzle does not. So what are you waiting for? Save your seat right here.

For more information about WeDo Technologies, where we are and what we can support your business with, please click here.

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