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Articles on Fraud Management

Subscription Fraud: A Growing Global Threat

Subscription fraud creates over $7 Billion in losses every year for the communications industry, acc...

Jim Bolzenius   |     17 October 2019

KT and WeDo collaborate on using AI to detect fraud | WeBlog

KT’s DL (Deep Learning) based AI module has been implemented and tested on WeDo’s RAID FMS system. T...

Sara Machado   |     24 September 2019

Fraud Survey - CSPs are Underestimating 5G risks | WeBlog

The TM Forum recently released the 2019 edition of the TM Forum Fraud Survey, which set up to assess...

Luis Brás   |     17 September 2019

As Mobile Money expands so do the risks | WeBlog

There is no doubt the greatest impact of mobile telephony has been connecting the unconnected. Many ...

Pedro Duque   |     23 July 2019

Machine Learning is critical to extinguishing telecom fraud | WeBlog

Telecom fraud is still a lucrative business for fraudsters - with $29 Billion lost by CSPs worldwide...

Bernardo Galvão Lucas   |     16 July 2019

Robocall Fraud – A Growing Menace | WeBlog

 A robocall is a phone call that uses a computerized autodialer to deliver a pre-recorded message an...

Jim Bolzenius   |     14 May 2019

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