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Will IoT flat rates kill Revenue Assurance?

 [ 12.02.2019 ]  It is not so unusual for us as revenue assurance software vendors to hear that billing and rating validations (BRV) and usage assuran...

Robotic Process Automation for Telecom Risk and Compliance

 [ 05.02.2019 ]  When it comes to the key capabilities of risk management software for revenue assurance and fraud management, one of the must-have fe...

Will Apple Take a Bite out of Carriers' SMS Revenues? Likely.

How much negotiating power does Apple have in wireless? Enough for Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint, to bet his company on a partnership with Apple.

Designing the Future of Revenue Assurance and Fraud Protection

[ 29.11.2018 ]  Spearheading innovation for the future of revenue assurance and fraud protection.

Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management in the 5G | WeDo Blog

 [ 12.02.2018 ]  Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management in the 5G Era. The telecom industry, having evolved tremendously from a single service – the tra...

Preparing for GDPR: Review your data integration | WeDo Blog

 [ 01.02.2018 ]  All you need to know about integrating data for your Risk Management Telecom review. Catch up on it here.