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Will IoT flat rates kill Revenue Assurance?

It is not so unusual for us as revenue assurance software vendors to hear that billing and rating validations (BRV) and usage assurance (UA) auditing ...

Robotic Process Automation for Telecom Risk and Compliance

When it comes to the key capabilities of risk management software for revenue assurance and fraud management, one of the must-have features is case ma...

Will Apple Take a Bite out of Carriers' SMS Revenues? Likely.

How much negotiating power does Apple have in wireless? Enough for Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint, to bet his company on a partnership with Apple.

Designing the Future of Revenue Assurance and Fraud Protection

Spearheading innovation for the future of revenue assurance and fraud protection.

Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management in the 5G | WeDo Blog

 [ 12.02.2018 ]  Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management in the 5G Era. The telecom industry, having evolved tremendously from a single service – the tra...

Preparing for GDPR: Review your data integration | WeDo Blog

 [ 01.02.2018 ]  All you need to know about integrating data for your Risk Management Telecom review. Catch up on it here.