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MWC 2017 also known as the biggest event in the smartphone calendar has been and gone with major announcements from a wide range of manufacturers. We saw the new Huawei P10  the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, and LG G6; but it was not just phones that have been announced, there was also a range of new tablets from Samsung and Lenovo and Huawei smartwatches all getting disclosure.

It was also during the four-day conference that WeDo Technologies made 2 major announcements. One regarding the release of its new cloud offer for fraud management and the other regarding its partnership with Ericsson’s Consulting, Systems & Integration (CSI) for business assurance.

In my opinion this partnership, although criticized by some and questioned by others, makes sense and will be strategic for both companies since each partner brings differentiating assets to the table that will support use cases of digital transformation, demonstrating the importance of risk management on top of agile, elastic operations supported by 5G networks and NFV.

Not wanting to extend into details, this partnership will empower Ericsson’s risk management consulting services with best of bread software for revenue assurance and fraud management, allowing them to bring  the best value to its customers, while at the same time allowing WeDo Technologies to access Ericsson’s Labs and opening the possibility to work together on developing risk management offers that run on top of new technology and business models supported by new technologies.  Ericsson has announced several times in the past that has become first to market with new technology such as the recently announced new 5G platform, comprising combined 5G core, radio and transport portfolios, as well as digital support systems, transformation services and security.

Transformation was one of the key topics during MWC 2017. Communications service providers got a clear picture on how they need the agility to keep up with the advent of new business models and at the same time remain competitive against over-the-top players.

Leveraging our new partnership Ericsson and WeDo Technologies developed a Digital Transformation demo with some examples of risks associated with the development of new B2B2X business models that can help CSPs to manage and limit their exposure, save costs, and enhance value for stakeholders. Bored already with all my speech? I will cut it out now and let my friend Tony Poulos explain in this video the scope of this partnership.

If you want to know more, contact us.

Carlos Marques

Head of Product Marketing & Analyst Relations at WeDo Technologies

Topics: Risk Management