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Almost every business today is going digital, and some don’t even know they are! They are being driven into the digital world because they are being forced to compete with newer, fully-digital competitors that carry no legacy and have mastered cloud services and eliminated the need for bricks and mortar infrastructure. They are able to manage costs better, provide customers with a better experience and, above all, introduce new products and services quickly to generate more business. 

The core of this digital world is ‘connectedness’ - brought about by the demands of billions of smart mobile devices and their owners. They have adopted every conceivable app that allows them to do almost anything, anywhere, anytime and their appetite for them seems to be insatiable.

But all of this is predicated by the ability of networks to deliver that ‘connectedness’ and that requires network operators to also transform digitally and expand their services to remain competitive and maintain revenues. This can be quite a juggling act. By their nature, they are also risk averse and while this may be a hindrance at times it can also be the key to remaining in business.

Times of change and upheaval are often accompanied by unforeseen revenue leaks and increased fraudulent activities. Doors can be accidentally left open, others may not even be known to exist, but when revenue assurance departments are tasked with monitoring the changes the risks are dramatically reduced.

This new role for existing and expanding RA departments will be addressed by keynotes and customer presentations in our annual worldwide user group, which will gather more than 60 worldwide telecom operators, along with a forward-looking view at the impact new services and extended partnerships will have on overall business risk.

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