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OTT Bypass Fraud: Threat or Opportunity?

By Sandra Costa | Product Marketing Specialist for Telecom at WeDo Technologies

In today’s connected world, the way we use technology to communicate is constantly evolving. The availability of fast mobile internet access, together with the increased adoption of smart phones, has created an upsurge of Over-The-Top (OTT) applications (Viber, WhatsApp, Google messenger, Skype, etc.) that provide mobile users with an alternative to the traditional services owned by MNOs (Mobile Network Operators), such as voice, text messaging, multimedia messaging and more.

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Fraud Alert: Exploring SS7 Signaling to Commit Fraud

By Luis Brás | Fraud Consultant at WeDo Technologies

Most of us would be surprised to learn that telephone networks – both mobile and fixed - were never designed to be secure. There are vulnerabilities in networks that allow hackers to read texts, listen to calls and track mobile phone users’ locations. For this reason, mobile operators and fraud management companies fight a never ending battle to minimize the impact of fraud – against themselves and their customers.

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Revenue Assurance at the Digital Crossroads

By Rui Paiva | Chief Executive Officer at WeDo Technologies

“How can we get more buy-in for revenue assurance?” was one of the questions that resounded throughout WeDo Technologies’ 11th annual User Group, and was addressed by WeDo’s own Market Strategist Tony Poulos, in his session on “Revenue Assurance at the Crossroads.”


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Fraud Alert: Roaming Fraud Scheme

By Luis Brás | Fraud Consultant at WeDo Technologies

Mobile fraud is believed to be costing the wireless industry up to $58 billion annually. That is more than 6% of revenue – in an industry with increasingly tight margins.

Fraud comes in all shapes and sizes, and can pop up in the most unlikely places. With the latest interconnect fraud scheme, not only is the subscriber not to blame, they actually are the victims and have no idea that they are being used to perpetuate this type of illicit activity. In a typical instance of this new type of fraud, the interconnect carrier is actually the fraudster.

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Why Energy Suppliers Are Not Football Teams

By Silvia Cardoso | Product Marketing Specialist at WeDo Technologies

Do you know why? Because their customers will change supplier despite the unlikelihood to change their football team even when it loses against the last one in the championship. Nevertheless a lot of the energy customers can handle to be hammered from their suppliers.

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Future Retail Fraud Challenges: Why Building Consumer Trust and Loyalty Is Key to Success

By Joel Pacheco | IT Business Partner at Sonae

In 2005 Continente, the largest retailer in Portugal (owned by Sonae), identified that the opening of new stores alone wouldn’t be enough to grow its customer base. As a result, it was critical for us to invest in customer loyalty to retain and grow the total number of customers. Although we were opening a lot of stores, we were very keen to retain the customers that we already had, rather than just acquire new ones. As the completion grew stronger, it was not only important to increase our knowledge of our customers, but also be able to offer a different and exciting promotional tool that really stood out.  

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Revenue Assurance in Utilities – How to Progress in Maturity

By Pedro Gaspar | Utilities Business Manager at WeDo Technologies

Let’s face the facts: most utility companies today are losing more money that they should, yet it may not be causing concern, especially if... 

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"Welcome!" from WUGS16 Master of Ceremonies

By Nadine Dereza | Master of Ceremonies of WeDo Technologies Worldwide User Group & Summit 2016

In 2006, WeDo Technologies’ Worldwide User Group was introduced with the aim of strengthening and promoting a community of software users around revenue assurance, fraud management and other telecom related-subjects.

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Maximizing Profitability with NFV Orchestration

By Carlos Marques | Head of Product Marketing & Alliances at WeDo Technologies

The majority of businesses today require a complex mix of technology and IT infrastructure to keep things running smoothly. Large corporations couldn’t function without an enormous array of software systems, apps and programs that require whole IT teams and departments, overseeing the latest updates and maintaining systems to support normal business activities. Along with these software systems and applications that are costly to maintain, come expensive, proprietary network equipment that needs to be replaced or upgraded on a regular basis. To add insult to injury, businesses typically have to purchase more network equipment than they need, over-spending on infrastructure to factor in room for growth until the next round of updates are implemented. It’s been a constant, painful cycle since networks were developed, requiring entire teams for IT support.

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Did You Know VoLTE Can Lead to Smart Phone Enabled Fraud?

By Sandra Costa | Product Marketing Specialist for Telecom at WeDo Technologies

Every day, everywhere you go, you see someone completely focused on his or her mobile phone, even when they are surrounded by friends and family.

Why is this so? I’m not an expert in human psychology but I suspect it is because they feel satisfaction in being connected, always online and updated by accessing a multitude of information every minute of every day. For some, this access to information at their fingertips truly enables super powers – making them feel like they are the master of the universe!

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