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Fraudsters Are Using ML/AI Technology. Are You?

  [20.02.2019] Imagine you’re a telecom fraudster. Depending on your customer satisfaction levels, maybe some people already consider you a telecom fr...

VoIP and SIP fraud is a huge problem | WeDo Blog

[ 07.11.2018 ]  VoIP and SIP fraud is a huge problem. Read more.

How to Make High Usage Work for You | WeDo Blog

[ 23.10.2018 ]  CSPs want subscribers to be using their services as often as possible. But treating high usage as good thing would be a huge mistake.

Triple checking Subscription Fraud | WeDo Blog

[ 13.09.2018 ]  Fraud and Subscription Fraud in particular, can be just like Pandora's box. And here's why.

4 steps to forget about Prepaid Fraud | WeDo Blog

[ 18.07.2018 ]  The telecommunications industry prides itself on being forward looking and dynamic. Anyone lucky enough to attend any telco conference...