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The impact of AI on Incentive Compensation Management | WeBlog

Incentives are a great tool that can help align sales behavior to corporate goals, but its efficacy depends on the quality of the plan itself, and on ...

Achieving a Successful Digital Transformation of Collections Processes | WeBlog

Debt collection is a key process in any company and an efficient debt collection process is a major success factor in any company as well.

Fraud Data Supercharges Credit Scoring | WeBlog

A short interview where we find out about credit Scoring and Fraud and how they really relate.

The Complexities of Telecom Dealer Incentives | WeBlog

Many carriers rely on incentive systems that have been designed for all-purpose use. They weren’t created to address the specific and complex challeng...

Incentive compensation management system | WeBlog

As your business changes, the way you compensate your sales force needs to change too.