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The impact of AI on Incentive Compensation Management | WeBlog

Incentives are a great tool that can help align sales behavior to corporate goals, but its efficacy depends on the quality of the plan itself, and on ...

Successful Digital Transformation of Collections Processes | WeBlog

Debt collection is a key process in any company and an efficient debt collection process is a major success factor in any company as well.

Fraud Data Supercharges Credit Scoring | WeBlog

A short interview where we find out about credit Scoring and Fraud and how they really relate.

The Complexities of Telecom Dealer Incentives | WeBlog

Many carriers rely on incentive systems that have been designed for all-purpose use. They weren’t created to address the specific and complex challeng...

Incentive compensation management system | WeBlog

As your business changes, the way you compensate your sales force needs to change too.