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Save your seat! October 25-26, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


In this age of transformation, digitization and fast-paced innovation you might be forgiven for taking your eye off the core functions of telco operation for a fleeting moment. But don’t be deceived because anything more than a fleeting moment is the time that stretches internal processes and systems and provides the perfect environment for fraudsters to swoop.

The smart operators are putting their revenue assurance and fraud management teams at the very center of any transformation project because they know that both new and old systems must be continuously monitored not only to ensure uninterrupted service to customers but to be on the lookout for any abnormal activity that could put their best efforts in jeopardy.

Add to this the never-ending collection and processing of data to extract key information on how services are being delivered, what customers want and what actually generates revenues with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and you’ve just increased your risk potential tenfold.

But don’t panic! Some of world’s leading experts will be available to you, live, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in October. WeDo Technologies User Group Americas 2018 is attracting the best speakers to help you come to grips with issues – even the ones you may not even know about yet. Wouldn’t it be better to get a heads-up before heads get lopped off?

The agenda includes speakers from Amazon Web Services, Ericsson, Telefónica, Virgin Media, Liberty Global and TR4NSFORM, Hyper Island plus the expert team from WeDo. You won’t just hear from them you will also be able to interact with them one-on-one.

Could be the best two days you’ve spent away from the office in years, and it could save your company millions of dollars – what more excuses do you need?

Get in contact with us anytime.

(1)  Photo by pixabay.com from Pexels


Tony Poulos

Market Strategy Advisor at WeDo Technologies

Topics: Risk Management