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[ 14.03.2018 ] 
WeDo Technologies, ranked by Stratecast as no.1 in market share for CSP financial assurance.

Written by  Eric Priezkalns, for commsrisk.com
Six of the Best: Market Leaders Sponsor RAG Program

Consider the following proposition
1. Leading telcos provide auditoriums for conferences in their head offices. Their goal is to attract the best brains in risk and assurance to their premises, so their team can learn from the experience of others. 
2. Other telco risk and assurance professionals travel to the conferences at the host telcos. They know they will benefit from a rare opportunity to interact and ask questions of so many peers in a relaxed environment where everyone is encouraged to talk about groundbreaking work in fighting fraud, fixing leakages, and expanding the remit of their department. They meet more of their fellow telco experts than anywhere else because no telco is asked for a penny in admission fees or membership fees.
3. Vendors provide financial support that covers incidental costs like food and beverages. In exchange, they also obtain access to the conferences. This gives them the opportunity to learn what telcos need most. It also affords them the chance to pitch innovative new products and services to an audience with a genuine interest in hearing about them.

Does that sound like a win-win-win? It does to six of the world’s leading suppliers of telecoms risk and assurance tools and services. They are:

  • TEOCO, suppliers of analytics to over 300 CSPs and OEMs worldwide;
  • Symbox, one of the world’s fastest growing software companies;
  • Neural Technologies, who have developed advanced anti-fraud solutions since 1990;
  • SIGOS, the global market leader in automated active testing and fraud detection;
  • Subex, who count three-quarters of the world’s top 50 CSPs amongst their customers; and
  • WeDo Technologies, ranked by Stratecast as no.1 in market share for CSP financial assurance.

You do not succeed in business without being able to identify a winning proposition. That is why these six firms are the new Foundation sponsors of the Risk & Assurance Group (RAG). Their financial support will underpin the next four RAG conferences, starting with RAG London, to be hosted by BT on April 24th and 25th.

These six Foundation sponsors are also providing the resources for RAG to develop new kinds of services aimed at those who cannot attend RAG conferences in person. For example, work has begun on the delivery of a new online training program for telco risk and assurance professionals. The first trial is expected to go live soon.

They say a man is known by the company he keeps. RAG is working with the leading risk and assurance firms worldwide. RAG also works with leading telcos around the world. Previous conferences have been hosted by MTN, Deutsche Telekom and Optus. Safaricom has already volunteered to host the next installment of RAG Africa, and the host of the first RAG conference to be held in the Middle East should be confirmed soon.

Whose company would you like to keep? If you come to RAG, you will be keeping company with the best.


As seen in: http://commsrisk.com/six-of-the-best-market-leaders-sponsor-rag-program/

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Inez Corrêa de Sa

Business Development Manager for EEMEA, WeDo Technologies

Topics: Corporate